The Alternative Psychological Entertainer
The Alternative Psychological Entertainer

Need a reliably good lecture for your magic club or convention? Paul has been giving lectures that satisfy since 1979. Tell your club secretary!  Included in Paul's past lecture locations have been London's famous Magic Circle  and The Society of American Magicians's parent assembly in New York. His lecture s are full of audience tested material that is within the capabilities of the average magician. This is not material that only works on Youtube.  It is material from Paul's books, solid material devoid of all the hype.  These are effects that have been enjoyed by magic club members in  England, Scotland, Ireland and in several U.S. States.


" Paul is a clever and creative magician. I was lucky to have known Paul and his magic even from the time before he moved to the USA. As it appears he is offering his lecture services to magic groups, I'll happily endorse this! " - Dan Garrett

"Paul is a performer, creator, writer and lecturer, and I have the highest respect for him in all four departments.” - Peter Duffie.


"I still say your lecture is the best the Exeter club ever had" - Gary Jones.


"Great lecture, great material" - Greg Phillips..


"Terrific lecture" - Hank Feinberg, Boca Raton.


"Paul treated us to a variety of solid, workable effects from a well honed repertoire."  - Allan Clarke, Blackpool.


"Paul Hallas' lecture is a wonderful blend of magic and mentalism for the close-up and stand up magicians. There are no pipe dreams here; the material has been taken from Paul's own working repertoire. You will learn strong commercial magic for the working performer...magic you can and will use. On top of that is Paul's engaging personality and clear teaching style. All in all, a great evening of magical education and entertainment." - - Marc DeSouza .


"Great lecture" - John Lewis, Scranton.


"Your lecture was first class and I am sure all magicians would go away wiser with seeing you.” Elizabeth McNamara, Paisley Magic Circle.


"Your lecture left a big impression on members" - Mentalist Alexandre, Miami.

"Worth seeing" - Al Smith (and more recently, "Surely you could have found a better quote from me than that!") .


Paul was a featured performer and lecturer at the Funarama Magic Convention in Aberdeen, Maryland both in 2005 and 2006. After his first appearance there it was reported on the Magic Cafe by Harry Murphy:

"Then there was my favorite lecture. It was given late at  night by the Café’s own Paul Hallas. Paul has relocated to the USA from the UK and essentially starting over as a performer. His lecture was full of killer, commercial, and useful stuff. I have never seen Mr. Hallas perform before   and really liked   his laid back and seemingly leisurely performance style. I strongly believe  that Mr. Hallas would enhance any club’s function and any convention’s program. His lecture and stage performance are top shelf! "


Paul is willing to travel anywhere to present his lecture to magical clubs or magic conventions, providing of course, he can fit it into his schedule


Above, Paul lecturing in Honolulu, September 2014.
Paul shown above with his 2012 book "Mentalism With Cards". The reviews by Doug Dyment and Paul Lelakis highly recommended it. Thomas Heine of Paralabs said "A great work, Paul, thank you for making it available to the mentalism community".

His previous hard cover book, "Magic From The Overground"  was released by H & R Books in August 2008 gaining good reviews in the major magic magazines from the likes of Steve Beam and Peter Duffie. Professional comedy magician Paul Romhany said on his blog The Romhany Report, “Wow, this is a GOLD MINE that EVERY MAGICIAN should own!!” and “one of my favorite trick books for a long time. This is one of those books that you could make a living from just by learning a few of the routines in here.”


Author of “The Kingdom of The Red”, Larry Barnowski said, “These are audience tested effects by a pro. If you love great plots and scripts for card magic and mentalism you'll find a wealth of material within the pages of this book.”


And the praise keeps coming… “It is indeed very, very good” - Cameron Francis. “MFTO is most definitely a must-read and must-buy.” - Paul Gordon. “I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting solid workable magic that you will definitely use.” - Marty Grams. "I've just read Magic From The Overground and it's brilliant!" -John Hotowka.


In between ,of course,  he authored "Still Small. Still Deadly" the sequel to 'the' packet trick book "Small but Deadly"  but as an oversized soft cover which again was well received. As of December 2012 some of his earlier titles are now available as e-books through  


Paul has written well over  a dozen books on magic and mentalism over the years. 

His new book, "Card Magic fot the Enthusiast" is available now from your favorite dealer!

Paul lecturing above at Merlin's Magic in Wakefield U.K.
Seen above lecturing at The Space Coast Magic Club, February 2015
A rare (these days) get together with the Huddersfield Circle of Magicians. I'm honored to be their Hon. Life Vice President and try and attend a meeting if I can when back in the U.K. I've been a member of this magic club for over 40 years!
Seen above with Paul Joyce whilst lecturing for the Fylde Mystics in Blackpool. U.K. March 2016
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